MEMWNS – The Kings head Tollesbury

After the issues with the commute back from Witham and the truck on the A12 I nearly opted to stay home in the warm. The choice of pub this week being incredibly close to home though swung it in the end.

I was already dressed and only had to change shoes so I headed off from home for Tollesbury just before 8:45 after having had some dinner. It’s under 10k out there so no real distance. I arrived at the pub shortly after 21:00 to find the rest of the guys already there enjoying their first pint.

As per usual for a Wednesday night there was some good chatter mainly based around the Easter Arrow and LEL. There was a solid fixed contingent out and 4 of us left the pub at the same time all riding fixed. I rode back to Tolleshunt D’Arcy with Tom and then did the last couple of KM’s over to Tiptree solo. A nice cold but dry evening to be out, my bike stayed relatively clean!

Another disappointing week mileage wise but I am still in no real panic. Daylight is starting to extend slowly and all we need now is the temps to rise a little, I am really sick of cold, wet and dark this year which I assume I have said already in other posts.

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