Just a Ride

With a few days off work over half term I was hoping to get out on the bike a bit. As usual with a family things came up so Wednesday came and went, part of that was laziness though, I couldn’t be bothered heading out in the evening, it was just too much effort to get ready so I missed the pub ride, poor effort really.

On Thursday I had decided I would make my way up to Copdock near Ipswich. I have a ride up there in a couple of weeks and I am considering a 50 km each way trip to bring it up to 200 km total and should still have me back in good time. It was a cracking day when I left home at 11:30 so I put the waterproof in the bag just in case and wore less layers than I have been recently, it was the right choice and the arm warmers did not take long to be stripped back.

The route took me over to Copford and then through the dip and up the hill to West Bergholt. From there I was very much in the country side and passed through some familiar roads from longer Audaxes that start/finish in Manningtree. Zipping down Gun Hill I peeled off through Stratford St Mary and then took the small roads through the back up to Copdock. As I got near Copdock I took a wrong turn and luckily realised my mistake before making the descent which would have involved a climb back up the dual carriageway which is a particularly annoying piece of road heading into the last few miles of the Green and Yellow fields 300.

I got to Copdock with about 45km on the clock so I will need to devise a little deviation somewhere to extend that our a little bit, it shouldn’t be to hard to find an extra 5 km.

As I turned I suddenly realised how I had managed to keep up at about 27 km/h average, the wind was now in my face. Ah well, the thing about fixed gear is that you just have to keep on grinding regardless. I free styled me route home and made several stops when I wasn’t sure how much of a main road I was about to run into, I had intended to head back into Manningtree via the G&Y Fields route but I managed to take the wrong turn so joined up a busy A road much earlier. It wasn’t too bad and I knew the A road would meet back up with the route which it did, just with a much less pleasant way to make progress.

I did stop to fill my bottles and get a picture at St Mary’s Church in Bentley. It was just a bit to pretty with the Snow Drops out the front not to just soak it up for a couple of minutes.

St Mary’s Church, Bentley

I dug in on the way up Cox’s hill in Manningtree and nearly blew a gasket as I got over the steep bit but nothing too bad and I recovered quite quickly, oddly it was the fastest I had ever been up there (still not very impressive!) from where I joined the back lanes and came into Colchester along the Bromley road. A lady in a Fiesta felt the urge to tell me I had been doing 40 mph down a hill as I was just starting to put effort in up the other side, pretty sure her reading was pretty inaccurate but the legs had defo been spinning on the 69′ gear.

I joined the bike path along the river and through the castle park, although slower I just love riding through the park away from the traffic and I stayed on the bike lane all the way across to Shrub End where I rejoined the road to avoid the more muddy sections of the cycle path.

Back home along the main road before peeling off to Layer Marney and a quick diversion along Grove road to save the monotony of Newbridge and Chapel roads.

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