Track Accreditation – Stage 1

Today I headed down to the Olympic Velodrome at Stratford to do the first stage of the 4 stage accreditation. Funnily one of the guys who rides a lot with Tiptree Velo showed up for the same session so it was good to have someone to chat to about bikes and riding. It sounded like our accreditation intentions were quite similar, using the track to assist with fitness.

There were about 10 people in the session and it was an hour on the bike doing some laps, getting some information and then doing some more laps. It pretty much went as follows

3 Laps around the Safety Zone

Ride laps and move onto the Cote d’Azur

Ride laps picking up speed and move up to the Datum, Sprinters and Stayers lines then back down

2 sessions of pace lines.

I was on the front of the group for most of the session so it was nice that I could set the pace, I made sure I kept it fair riding at an effort that was probably around 60-70% which I figured should not cause too much issue. For the last session I had to go back to the middle of the group which was a bit of a shock, the guy in front of me was weaving like a lunatic and had a habit of accelerating out of the banking instead of into them which made keeping the gap interesting.

Anyway, all those that rode all the sessions passed. A couple of people pulled out early, they were VERY wobbly on the bikes and I am glad the pulled out as it would have got a little dangerous as they had no ability to match a reasonable speed.

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