The idea behind these pages is for me to keep a record of things as much as possible. I enjoy reading back things I have written about past events and in some cases I quite enjoy writing about events long after they are over from notes that I made at the time.

I’ll also add some review pages giving a bit of detail about gear that I use and what I think of it, some might even be bad from my perspective but I won’t try and guide you away from something, it will just be information about my experiences.

What you will come to note is that I am no writer, my grammar and typing is probably best described as rubbish but it should never be incoherent.

Most of my writing is likely to be about Audax riding but I will also try and put in some write ups about general riding and my efforts to try to get my youngest daughter interested in the bike, I am too late with the oldest ones as far as I can tell, I’ll have to wait with them until we can ride to the pub for a drink together!

I hope you enjoy sharing my experiences.

Nik B