Going like the Clappers

I took up the chance of a ride with the Tiptree Velo midweek riders, not convinced it was the best idea but man it was fun.

A loop of Abberton Reservoir and extending down to D’Arcy and back along Tudwick road for a total of 35.5km at an average of 29.6 km/h is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than any riding of recent times for me.

Good to know it is in the legs and after the first 30 minutes I was actually coming good. I was gasping at the back a little but when the hammer had to go down there was still a bit left, looking forward to picking up the pace with that lot on the odd Sunday.

It was also the first outing in a while for the carbon Domane which I have now set up with the fast rolling Panaracer Gravel King 28’s, very nice ride indeed!


A Gentle Spin for Recovery

After yesterday’s efforts I had actually planned to take a day of rest but I was a bit jumpy and having fallen behind earlier in the month I wanted to keep going with the momentum I had built up during the week.

I decided to go out for a couple of hours and after doing a few things around the house (and in the garage on the bike) I hit the road at about 14:00. The plan was a very easy spin (on gears) just to give the legs a chance to recover and hopefully shift some of the lactic acid. I had planned to be out for about an hour but I was enjoying myself so ended up out for 2 which gave me the required mileage for the day which was nice.

I think it might be a quiet week again this week. I am out of action on Thursday and Friday due to  a work trip and I am working from home on Monday. I’ll  have to look to make up some miles on the Tuesday and Wednesday but on Saturday it is the last of the ACME winter brevet series which I am looking forward to. No ECE for this one, I am just riding the 100 km on Fixed. I am thinking about upping the gear and trying to ride it a bit faster but will wait to see what the forecast says before committing to that.

Colchester Rovers Sportive/Reliability Ride – 28/02/2016

My first Sportive of any description in quite some time. This one had the option of time limits and I chose the 75.5 km in 2 hours 45 minutes which meant I had to have an average speed of around 27.5 km/h (17 mph), not something I had managed previously, hopefully simply due to not having to. I knew it would be a harder than usual ride for me but I thought I had it in me and I knew the terrain was not overly punishing.

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MEWBS Clacton Good Beer Guide Run

Here we go again, another attempt to more regularly update the blog after a long lay off.

I start this year with a ride for the MEWBS (Mid Essex Weekend Breakfast Series) kindly plotted by Steve (Oscar’s Dad) to tick another pub off his list of The Essex Good Beer Guide 2013 pubs. His intention is to visit all of the pubs in Essex in that guide over time.

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